The Fund

The Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland (BFNS) is a grant giving charity which was established in 1925 by the Association of Scottish Matrons at a time when salaries were extremely low and the only available benefit was the small old age pension. The Association invited employed nurses to contribute a small amount to the Fund to assist their retired colleagues.

Conditions have changed over the years and although the BFNS was initially intended to give financial help to retired members of the profession, now many younger members are also in need of our assistance. The BFNS employs a liaison officer who brings a personal touch in the way the Fund is managed. She visits potential and existing beneficiaries, liaises with the committee, other agencies and grant giving bodies and deals with the day to day administration of the fund. By providing financial assistance, the Fund helps many nurses through difficult times and the Liaison Officer offers some comfort and support at the same time.

The fund is entirely dependent on donations, legacies and income from investments

Who We Can Help

Any member of the profession who worked or trained in Scotland and is experiencing financial difficulties due to their inability to continue working.

How We Can Help

By giving a quarterly grant, by giving a single grant, by enabling the purchase of an item of furnishing or equipment.

How you can help us to help others

By donation to the Fund, under Gift Aid if appropriate, please download our online donation form below.

Donations may be sent to the Secretary at the Registered Office: 

Margaret Ross M.A,C.A The Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland 24A Ainslie Place, Edinburgh EH3 6AJ
Telephone: 0131 220 4005